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Yamato Clams have been used traditionally as a liver enhancing tonic, and to treat liver disorders for ages. Unfortunately, some people miss out on a real health-enhancing miracle because they’ve heard that one can contract Hepatitis A from eating contaminated clams. But the truth is that if the clams come from a fresh uncontaminated source, they are actually one of the best things you can take for your liver.

Yamato Clam is found in Japan’s Shinji Lake, the lake that comes together with the sea water and fresh water. Shinji Lake has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance. It is also designated as a Special Protection Area of National Wildlife Protection Area by the Government of Japan. Shinji Lake is protected under The Natural Park Law and Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law. It is a beautiful lake with clean and fresh air abounding with fish.

Yamato Clam is packed with essential amino acids as well as contains abundant Choline and Vitamin B12. Its traditionally used as a liver enhancing tablet, and best used for sleep deprivation, stress and heavy drinking.

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Reproductive Health Benefits

Yamato Clam is a rich source of vitamins D and B12 as well as the minerals zinc, copper, selenium and iron. Zinc and vitamin D play crucial roles in the reproductive health of men and women as well as the health of babies developing in the womb.

Zinc is important for the cell division and the production of healthy sperm. In addition, it was shown to increase sex drive and male potency. Therefore, a zinc-deficient diet may lead to prostatic hyperplasia and reducing the reproductive function of the system and affect fertility. A study has also shown that zinc helps in protecting the structure of the genetic material or the DNA chromatin in the sperm nucleus. This structure is important for successful fertilization.

For women, zinc is also essential to reproductive health and to the health of infants developing in their wombs. The lack of zinc in pregnant women may lead to the decrease of fetal brain cells, affecting their mental development. Children’s lack of zinc will hinder their normal growth and reproductive development.

Vitamin D also improves both female and male reproduction. Researchers found that vitamin D supplementation might improve menstrual frequency and metabolic disturbances in those women. In men, vitamin D is positively associated with semen quality and androgen status.

Key Benefits

  • High biological value in proteins and ideal calcium-phosphate ratio for better absorption into the body.
  • Used as a liver enhancing tablet, aid in combating, sleep deprivation, stress, and drinking.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I consume Yamato Clam?

An individual may feel a hot sensation, tiredness, drowsiness, diarrhoea, itchy skin or face insomnia. However, during these processes, your body would trigger a “healing crisis reaction”. When these reactions occur, it means that the body is entering into a recovery mode.

2. Can children consume Yamato Clam?

Yes, as it not only improves their concentration, but enhance nutrient absorption and strengthens immunity. However, it is only recommended that they consume 1 tablet every night before sleeping.


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